Plant Catalogue 2017/2018

New Zealand Native Trees, Shrubs, Grasses
Exotic Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Hedging Shelter and Olives

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Italics Maori and/or common name
S-H suitable for shelter and/or hedging
New Zealand Native plant
D deciduous tree or shrub
Cl climbing plant
F fruiting plants
Pb planter-bag size

Measurements of trees and plants denotes approximate Height then Width.

Kia ora – Welcome to our 2017 – 2018 Plant Catalogue

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“I have grown taller from walking with trees.” Karle Wilson Baker

“We have nothing to fear and a great deal to learn from trees, that vigorous tribe and pacific tribe which without stint produces strengthening essences for us, soothing balms, and in whose gracious company we spend so many cool, silent and intimate hours.”
Marcel Proust, Pleasures and Regrets 1896

“All it has experienced, tasted, suffered:
The course of years, generations of animals,
Oppression, recovery, friendship of sun and – Wind
Will pour forth each day in a song
Of rustling foliage, in the friendly
Gesture of its gently swaying crown,
In the delicate sweet scent of resinous
Sap moistening the sleep-glued buds,
And the eternal game of lights and shadows it plays with itself, content.”

Herman Hesse 1877 – 1962

Plants and Trees
Plants and trees are very cool, there are lots at my school.
Hebes are quite nice, ask my Pop about the price.
I like to help my Nan and Pop until I really have to stop.
My poem is quite nice, I think
Inspiring, my cherry tree turns pink.
My poem is coming to a close
Wait, I heard Pop turn on the hose !!
Grace 8 years

We wish you and your whanau a safe, happy and growing year.
Kind regards
James, Susie, Olly and Grace

Code Plant name Description Bag size Price
H Abelia grandiflora Glossy abelia Pretty hedge, dark green glossy leaf maturing to bronze, white flushed pink bell shaped flowers 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Abutilon white Chinese Lanterns Evergreen, pure white ’lanterns,’ yellow central stamens during summer, hardy, prune after flowering to keep compact, nectar of lanterns loved by birds and bees, likes any reasonable soil 2 - 3m unpruned Pb 6.5 12
Abutilon ‘Red’ Chinese Lanterns Evergreen, red ‘lanterns’ attractive against dark green foliage, sun or shade, reasonable soil, nectar loved by birds and bees 2.5m or prune Pb 6.5 12
Abutilon Orange Bell Chinese Lanterns Evergreen, flowers most of the year, frost hardy, nectar loved by birds and bees, protect from strong winds 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
D Acer campestre Field maple Tough maple for exposed sites, clips to be hedged, yellow flushed red autumn colour 10m+ Pb 6.5 15
D Acer davidii Snake bark maple Beautiful maple with vertical white stripes on green bark, great orange and purple autumn colour, broadly spreading, hardy 8 x 5m Pb 6.5 15
D Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’ Purple Japanese Maple Leaves rich crimson in spring, dark to bronze purple summer, scarlet autumn, deep purple stems, shelter from strong winds 5m + Pb 6.5 15
D Acer palmatum dissectum Lace-leaf Japanese maple Spreading mound form, variable coloured leaves, bronze/ purple, finely dissected 1 - 3m Pb 6.5 15
D Acer palmatum (green) Green leaf Japanese maple Erect form of green leaves through summer Pb 6.5 15
1 – 3m
D Acer palmatum Senkaki Coral bark maple Broadly columnar form, attractive reddish pink stems winter, light green in summer, yellow autumn leaf colour 3 – 5m Pb 6.5 15
D Acer rubrum American red maple Broadly columnar, small red flower clusters appear before leaves, leaves have pale greyish undersides, bright red autumn colour, prefers moist soils 10 – 15m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
D Acer saccharum Sugar maple Broadly columnar, cold hardy, orange autumn colours, needs fertile soil, spring sap is processed for maple syrup in Canada and the USA 20m Pb 6.5 15
D Aesculus carnea Red Horse Chestnut Broadly spreading form, slow growth, good avenue, park or large garden, dense shade tree. Deep pink candle-like flowers profuse in spring, good bee food, pods/nuts poisonous 12m Pb 6.5 15
Agapanthus ‘Peter Pan’ Dwarf / blue / hardy Pb 5 9
Agapanthus ‘Snow Ball’ Excellent dwarf form, snowball white flowers 30 – 40 cm Pb 5 9
Agathis australis Kauri Treasure of the North, can be grown here, protect from frost when young, prefers rich moist soil and some shelter 10 - 30m Pb 6.5 18
Ajuga ‘Catlins Gaint’ Bugleweed Hardy groundcover, sun or part shade, likes medium moisture and good drainage, hardy, bronze-green foliage, deep blue-purple flower-heads Pb 6.5 12
Ajuga ‘Jungle Beauty’ Hardy groundcover, shade tolerant, purple/blue flowers Pb 6.5 12
D Albizia jublibrisson Silk Tree Branching umbrella form, great shade tree, soft-pink fluffy flowers late summer 4 x 6m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
Alchemilla mollis Lady's mantle Soft velvety perennial, semi shade Pb 6.5 10
Alectryon excelsus Titoki Attractive evergreen shade or specimen tree, grows in most conditions, prefers rich moist soil protect from frost when young 5 – 8m Pb 6.5 18
S-H D Alnus cordata Italian Alder Broadly conical form, trims well for tall narrow shelter belt, tolerates wet and dry 25 - 30m Pb 5 9
S-H D Alnus glutinosa Black Alder Fast growing shelter, suits damp conditions Pb 6.5 9
D Amelanchier canadensis Shad bush Very hardy tall shrub, bronzy new leaves, prolific small white flowers followed by small red fruits for birds, yellow red autumnal colours 2 - 5m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
Anemanthele lessoniana Gossamer / Wind grass Great in dry shaded places, soft weeping habit, greener in the shade more rusty in the sun, misty halo of very fine flowers in spring 70 cm x1m Pb 5 7
Anigozanthos flavidus, mixed colours Kangaroo paw Clumps of flax-like leaves, tall mixed colour flowers red, yellow, apricot, pink, likes good drainage, attracts nectar feeding birds Pb 6.5 12
Apodasima similis Oioi, Jointed rush A reed with fine grey-green leaves and distinctive brown markings, forms a large clump, grows in damp ground, water, tolerates salt water Pb 6.5 12
Armeria maritime Sea pink, Sea thrift Compact perennial, clump forming, bright pink flowers, sun, sandy soils Pb 5 9
Arthropodium cirratum Reinga reinga lily Wide fleshy leaves, long panicles of white starry flowers, shade lover, frost tender when young 45 cm pb 6.5 12
Arthropodium cirratum ‘Parnell’ Very broad leaves with tall sturdy flower head 50 x 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Asplenium bulbiferum Hen and Chickens fern, Pikopiko Graceful fern fronds developing tiny bulbils or ‘chickens’, good indoor pot plant or outside in shady damp Pb 6.5 12
Astelia fragrans Bush astelia Arching green flax-like leaves, good in dappled shade, tolerates dry or damp soils, honey scented flowers 1m Pb 6.5 12
Astelia chathamica Erect broad silvery flax-like leaves drooping at tip, sun or part shade 1m Pb 6.5 12
Astelia Westland Bronze red silvery arching leaves, best in semi shade 75 cm Pb 6.5 12
Azalea selection Mixed variety of colours Pots 22
Azara microphylla Box leaf azara Shrub or small tree, arching branches, small yellowish vanilla fragrant flowers late winter Pb 12 20
Banksia Intergrafolia Lime yellow flower spikes, hardy Pb 6.5 12
Banksia 'Lemon Delicious' Large plump upright bottle-brush flowers late winter to summer, good for nectar feeding birds, likes open sunny site, adapts to wide range of soils Pb 6.5 12
Bambusa multiplexa Alphonese Karr Clumping bamboo, young stems pink turning golden, sun or shade 3m Pb 6.5 12
D Betula jacquemontii White bark Himalayan birch Broadly conical, white bark, large dark green leaves, long hanging male catkins in spring, one of the best ornamental birches 15+m Pb 6.5 15
Blechnum discolour Crown fern, piupiu Handsome bright green upright fern, dappled shade, light, damp well-drained soil 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
Blechnum fluviatile Kiwakiwa Narrow ladder-like fronds, likes shaded moist site 20 - 80 cm Pb 6.5 12
Blechnum novae zealandiae Kiokio Long drooping fronds, likes shade or open site with ample moisture Pb 6.5 12
Blechnum Penna – marina Alpine hard fern Forms a dense mat, excellent in sun or shade Pb 6.5 12
F Blueberries Selection available, Rabbiteye varieties; Tifblue and Centurian Pots 20
Boronia megastigma Bushy form, highly perfumed brown and mustard flowers in spring, trim lightly after flowering, better out of hottest sun, doesn’t like to dry out 50 x 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Cl Bougainvillea ‘Scarlet O’Hara Deep scarlet flowers, tolerant of hot site but enjoys adequate watering in summer, good climber for fence or pergola, may lose leaves in cold winter Pb 6.5 15
F Boyensberry 'Mapua' Local Nelson selection. Large fruit at Christmas outstanding flavour, needs frame to train up Pb 6.5 18
F Blackberry thornless Thornless blackberry, heavy fruiting Pb 6.5 18
Brachyglottis greyii Attractive grey tomentum both sides of leaves, yellow daisy-like flower clusters in summer, needs full sun or light shade, dry soil Pb 6.5 12
Buxus sempervirens English Box Good hedging, suits formal training, singularly or in groups, containers Tubes 3.5
Callistemon citrinus ‘Violet’ Bottle Brush Warm sunny location, preference for slightly acid soil, appreciates deep watering in summer, striking violet/pink brushes, very hardy Pb 6.5 12
Callistemon ‘Kings Park Special’ Bottle Brush Vigorous rounded bush, slightly pendulous branches, bright red flower brushes spring early summer 3 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Callistemon ‘Little John’ Compact, dwarf form, grey-green foliage, deep red ‘brush’ flowers spring and early summer 75 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 12
Callistemon ‘Rocky Rambler’ Dwarf, semi prostrate, small red ‘brushes’ in spring, hardy 60 x 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Callistemon ‘Red Cluster’ Bottle Brush Masses of crimson-red brushes spring and autumn, hardy 2.5 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
D Castanea satvia Sweet Chestnut Broadly columnar, edible nuts, coppices well for poles, split posts, firewood, good drainage essential 25m Pb 6.5 15
Camellia Selection available Pb 8 25
Carex buchananii Stiff, erect tussock when young, spreading with age, reddish brown colour, bleached curling tips, suits dry conditions 50 - 75 cm Pb 5 7
Carex dispacea Green sedge, good in damp conditions, sun or shade 30 - 70 cm Pb 5 7
Carex Comans Green Frosted Curls Densely tufted tussock grass, pale green, flowing habit, groom plants to remove dead foliage, tolerates range of growing conditions 30 - 40 cm Pb 5 7
Carex secta Large weeping yellowish-green tussock, at its best beside water, sun or semi shade 1m Pb 5 7
Carex tenuiculmus Attractive reddish bronze, hardy but prefers moist site 70 cm Pb 5 7
Carex testacea Densely tufted, arching orange-green tussock, colour stronger in full sun, hardy, coastal, dry 60 x 40 cm Pb 5 7
Carex virgata Hardy, vigorous sedge of wet lands but will grow in dry sites, full sun or shade 1 x 1m Pb 5 7
Carmichaelia odorata This native broom is covered with tiny fragrant mauve and white pea-shaped flowers in spring, sunny position, very hardy 2m Pb 6.5 12
D Carpinus betulus European/white hornbeam Broad spreading form, hardy hedge or woodland tree, good timber, yellow autumn colour 15+m Pb 6.5 15
D Carpinus betulus fastigiata Upright columnar form, great avenue trees or feature tree, yellow / gold autumnal colour, clips and hedges well Pb 6.5 15
Carpodetus serratus Marble -leaf Putaputaweta Upright spreading form, divaricating juvenile form then more open spreading adult form, needs moisture Pb 12 15
Carpodetus s. prostrata Prostrate marble leaf Attractive prostrate marble leaf Pb 6.5 $12.00
D Carya illinoensis Pecan Broadly spreading, sweet thin shelled nut, prefers rich alluvial soils 20+m Pb 6.5 15
D Castanea satvia Sweet Chestnut Edible nuts eaten in autumn, good well drained soil, sun, sheltered or exposed 30 x 15m Pb 6.5 15
Cedrus deodara Himalayan cedar Conical form, drooping branch tips, drought and wind tolerant 30m Pb 6.5 15
Ceonothus ‘Blue Cushion’ Hardy, dense, prostrate shrub, bright blue flowers in spring, groundcover or wall-spiller 75 cm x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Ceonothus ‘Joyce Coulter’ Low growing wide spreading shrub covered in lighter shade of blue flowers in spring, likes sunshine and good drainage 1.2 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
D Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura Tree Native of the Himalaya to Japan, spreading form, layered drooping branches, yellow, pink or purple in autumn and giving off a gingerbread scent, must have moist soil 15m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
D Cercis canadensis East American redbud Spreading form, attractive pink or lilac pea-like flowers in clusters along branches as leaves appear 5 x 4m Pb 12 20
D Cercis chinensis Chinese redbud Broadly spreading, glossy heart-shaped green leaves, pink pea-like flowers in clusters along branches before and as leaves appear 2 to 5m Pb 6.5 15
D Chaenomeles ‘Yokuku’ Flowering Quince Japonica White flowers on bare stems from winter to spring, very hardy, can be trained as espalier, sun or part shade Pb 12 15
Chamaecyparis 'Rubicon' Atlantic White cedar Upright conical form, blue-green during summer and plum-green in winter, compact Pb 6.5 15
Chamaecytissus palmensis Tree Lucerne Fast growing shelter, profuse flowers loved by bees and wood pigeons 3 – 4m Pb 6.5 9
Chionochloa flavicans Miniature toe-toe Hardy small toe-toe, attractive pale green plumes when flower heads first appear, copes in dry but better with some water 1 x 1m Pb 5 9
Chionochloa rubra Red tussock Tall growing graceful tussock, great planted en masse 1.2m Pb 6.5 9
D Chimonanthus praecox Winter Sweet Broadly spreading, pale waxy yellow sweetly scented flowers in winter, likes good drainage and calcium rich soils 1 – 3m Pb 6.5 15
H Choisya ternata Mexican Orange Blossom Hardy, neat, rounded bush, starry white flowers, clustered head in summer, hedges well, likes sun and good drainage 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
H Choysia ternata ‘Aztec Pearl’ As above but leaf form is long and narrow 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Cistus ‘Bennetts White’ White Rock Rose Impressive bushy shrub, deep green foliage, showy white crepe-paper like petals, prominent yellow stamens, sunny site, good drainage, don’t over feed or prune 1.8 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Cistus ‘Brilliancy’ Rock Rose Rounded evergreen shrub, showy crepe-paper like flowers, deep rosy pink with maroon basel spot, yellow stamens, likes sun and good drainage 1.3 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Cistus skanbergii Rock Rose Small soft pink flowers on green-grey foliage throughout summer, sunny dry site 75 cm Pb 6.5 12
Cistus ‘Violettii’ Pink/purple rock rose Violet coloured flowers on grey green foliage 1.5 x 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
F Citrus aurantifolia Bearss Lime Culinary favourite, larger fruit than Tahitian, juicy with little to no seeds, flavour between lemon and lime 4m Pb 6.5
Pb 12
$18.00 $25.00
Citrus lime Kaffir lime Culinary, leaves and the fruits zested are great in Asian dishes, needs a sunny sheltered position Pots 28
F Citrus limon Meyer Lemon Prolific cropper, every garden should have one 2 x 2m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $18.00 $25.00
F Citrus Lime Tahitian Lime Good producer, culinary and drinks favourite, warm sheltered position 2.5 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $18.00 $25.00
F Citrus selection A selection of oranges, mandarins, grapefruit Pots 28
Cl Clematis 'montana rubens' Hardy climber, masses of pink flowers in spring 3m Pb 6.5 15
Clianthus p. alba White kaka beak Lovely white parrot beak pendulous flowers early summer, likes a sheltered position Pb 6.5 12
Clianthus p. rosea Red Kaka Beak Red, nectar filled, flowers shape of a parrots beak early summer attract birds, sun or partial shade, protect from strong wind and frost, deeply worked free draining soil, keep moist and mulch in dry periods 2 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Coleonema alba diosma ericoides Breath of Heaven Soft feathery foliage, profuse small white starry flowers late winter spring, hardy, likes sun, trim after flowering 1x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Coleonema compactum 'Pinky' Prostrate form, bright green feathery foliage, small starry pink flowers early summer, full sun 40 cm Pb 6.5 12
Coleonema p. rubrum Starry rose/pink flowers, full sun, well worked soil 1.5m x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Coleonema p. ‘Sunset Gold’ Prostrate, brilliant golden-yellow foliage, pale-pink starry flowers, early summer, full sun, can be clipped 30 - 70 cm x 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
Convolvulus cneorum Compact, silvery-grey shrub, masses of white open-trumpet flowers early summer – autumn, sunny, open free-draining site, prefers not to be watered in dry periods 60 cm x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma acerosa ‘Taiko’ Hardy groundcover, mounding form, attractive small dark green leaf Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma 'Black Cloud' Hardy, low growing, small black/green leaves Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma ‘Hawea’ Attractive, hardy, grows flat to the ground, sun or part shade Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma kirkii green Vigorous groundcover, bronzy-green leaves, good for coastal planting, banks, walls, responds to hard trimming (in spring) 30 cm x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma x kirkii variegata Hardy, fast growing groundcover, trailer, sage green leaves edged creamy-white 30 cm x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma propinqua Small shrub with divaricating branches. Likes wet and windy 3 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma ‘Pride’ Red, green and pink variegation on small glossy leaves, compact form Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma repens 'Poor Knights' Hardy, prostrate, glossy green foliage, orange berries from the Poor Knights Islands Pb 6.5 12
Coprosma repens ‘Marble Queen’ Creamy white and green variegation on glossy leaves 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ S Coprosma virescens Attractive divaricating extremely tangled branches with tiny leaves, overall golden coppery glow, can be hedged, tolerant of dry conditions and poor soil 2 – 3m Pb 6.5 12
Cordyline australis Ti kouka, Green Cabbage tree Classic Aotearoa, hardy, tall trunk, rough fissured bark, arching sword-like leaves, fragrant creamy white flowers spring/summer 6 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Cordyline aust. Purpurea ‘Midnight Star’ Red/purple selection, not as vigorous as its green cousin Pb 6.5 12
Cordyline indivisa Smaller growing than c. australis, multi branching, wider leaves 4m Pb 6.5 12
Corynocarpus laevigatus Karaka Native laurel Handsome canopy tree, large glossy leathery leaves, large orange fleshy droops ripen in summer, kernels are poisonous, semi sun or shade, tolerant of coastal conditions 8 x 5m Pb 6.5 15
D Cornus alba ‘Siberica’ Siberian Dogwood, Red barked Dogwood Dark green leaves, creamy-white flowers followed by small white berries then stunning scarlet stems in winter, bushy shrub with year round attractiveness 2m Pb 6.5 12
D Cornus controversa Table dogwood Spreading, layered branches, creamy flowers early summer, blue-black berries loved by birds, red-purple autumnal colours 10m+ Pb 12 20
D Cornus florida North American dogwood Erect trunk, branches in horizontal tiered pattern, good autumn colours, white four petalled bracts in spring, red fruits 5 x 4m Pb 6.5 15
D Cornus kousa chinensis Chinese dogwood Spreading form, larger leaves than C. kousa, white flower bracts very showy and long lasting, autumn colours variable purplish to bright red 4 - 10m Pb 6.5 15
D Cornus kousa rubra Pink flowered dogwood Pb 6.5 15
Ⓝ H Corokia x virgata ‘Bronze King’ Small bronze leaves, hardy, good hedge when trimmed, birds enjoy heavy crop of red berries 2 x 1.2m Pb 6.5 15
Ⓝ H Corokia cheesmanii Sun, wind, frost hardy, upright form, narrow green leaves, red berries, good hedging 2 x 1.5m Pb 12 12
Ⓝ H Corokia x virgata ‘Frosted Chocolate’ Large chocolate-brown leaves, sturdy form, red berries 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ H Corokia x virgata ‘Geenty’s Green’ Green foliage with silvery reverse, hardy 2 x 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
Corokia 'Pip Squeak' Hardy, tight low growing, small green leaves, small hedge, containers, topiary 70 x 70 cm Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ H Corokia ‘Sunsplash’ Creamy-yellow leaves splashed green, sunny position will give best colour 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Cortaderia richardii South Island Toetoe Plumed Tussock Attractive arching blooms creamy buff colour, leaves 2m, flowering stems to 3m, tolerates wet feet, wind, frost, coastal site Pb 6.5 12
D Corylus avellana European hazelnut Broadly columnar, very edible nuts in March, yellow autumn colour in April, great wind break yielding nuts, small poles, rods, coppice easily 4 - 6m Pb 6.5 15
D Cotinus coggygria Smoke bush Green foliage, bushy habit, soft pink cloud-like flowering 2.5 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 15
D Cotinus coggygria purpurea Purple Smoke Bush Deep burgundy foliage, dense bushy habit, lovely autumn colours, trim in winter, hardy 2.5 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 15
S-H Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cedar Magnificent specimen, excellent shelter or timber Pb 6.5 9
S-H Cupressocyparis leylandii Fast growing, excellent shelter, good for dry sites, cold hardy Pb 6.5 9
S-H Cupressus ovensii Narrowly conical evergreen, fast straight growth, not good in salt-laden wind 20m Pb 6.5 9
Cupressus sempervirens ‘ Swanes Golden’ Golden Upright Cypress Golden conifer, slender erect, well- worked free-draining soil, full sun, open position 3m x 35 cm Pb 6.5 15
Cupressus sempervirens Gracilis Slender, erect form, threadlike dark green foliage providing neat vertical line 2m x 35 cm Pb 6.5 15
F Currants A selection of currants and gooseberries Pots 20
Dacrydium cupressinium Rimu Red Pine Slow growing handsome graceful specimen, prefers cool moist conditions, protect from hottest sun, mulch well Pb 5 15
Dacrycarpus dacrydiodes Kahikatea White Pine Tall growing native tree, suits swampy conditions, 9m after 20 years, final height to 60 m Pb 6.5 15
Daphne bholua Himalayan daphne Tall narrow shrub, sweetly perfumed white rose flowers through winter, frost hardy, prefers semi shade, even moisture, good drainage 2 x 1m Pb 6.5 23
Daphne alba Highly perfumed, small white flowers appear late winter early spring 1m Pots 23
Daphne leucanthe Highly fragrant, pink buds open to white blush pink blooms in spring 80 cm Pots 23
D Davidia involucrata Dove tree Forms a stately tree with rounded crown, white flower bracts appear like doves or small handkerchiefs late spring early summer, may take 10yrs to flower, allow ample space, shelter from strong winds, likes moisture-retentive, good draining soil 8m Pb 6.5 15
Dietes grandiflora South African native iris Rigid sword-like leaves, large white flowers with yellow nectar guides and violet central segments in October held on tall stems, frost and drought hardy, good drainage, full sun, well composted 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Deutzia crenata ‘Nikko’ Dwarf compact habit, semi-deciduous, leaves darken attractively in autumn, masses of showy white flowers very early spring 40 x 60 cm Pb 6.5 12
Dianella haematica Blueberry Evergreen perennial, dense clump form, long dull olive-green drooping leaves, small white flowers turn to violet-blue berries, prefers moist site, sun or semi shade, mild frost 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Dianella nigra Turutu, Blueberry Hardy, tufted plant resembling small flax, dainty white flowers, late spring, ornamental berries, glossy dark blue/purple or mauve, sun or semi shade, good drainage, good as mass planting 60 cm Pb 6.5 12
Dianella revoluta 'Revelation' Upright blue/green foliage, blue flowers in spring followed by attractive edible berries, sunny to partly shaded position 50 x 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Dicksonia squarosa Wheki Fastest growing tree fern in terms of trunk formation, tolerates full sun, some wind but likes good moisture level 2 – 6m 25ltr bags 35
Ⓝ S-H Dodonea viscosa Green Ake ake Tough, shelter shrub/small tree for exposed coastal conditions, attractive seed capsules 3 x 2m Pb 6.5 10
Ⓝ S-H Dodenea viscosa purpurea Purple Ake Ake Hardy, greenish purple foliage, attractive pink seed capsules Pb 6.5 10
Dysoxylum spectabile Kohekohe Handsome tree growing naturally in coastal forest, waxy white flowers grow on long panicles from branches and trunk, prefers moist free-draining soil and shelter from frost when small 10 x 5m Pb 6.5 12
Echium Bushy, hardy, conical blue flowers spikes loved by bees Pb 6.5 10
Elaeocarpus dentatus Hinau A beautiful lowland forest tree, handsome foliage and fringed fragrant lily-of-the-valley-like flowers followed by olive like fruit, mulch during dry periods 6+m Pb 6.5 12
Elaeocarpus hookerianus Pokaka The juvenile form has tiny leaves and interlacing branches, white lacy drooping flowers and purple berries, leaves lengthen with age, found on valley floors in mountainous areas, likes well drained damp soils 10m Pb 6.5 12
Erica ‘Silver Beads’ European heather Likes dry sunny position, masses of white bells with brown anthers autumn to late spring, frost hardy, low Pb 6.5 12
Erica carnea ‘Springwood White’ European heath Hardy, frost hardy, likes good drainage, small white bell like flowers winter to late spring 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Eriostemon myoporoides ‘Profusion’ Wax Flower Aromatic foliage, masses of waxy, white star shaped flowers, compact form, sun or partial shade, likes good drainage 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
H Escallonia alba Glossy green foliage, white flowers, hardy, single plant or hedge, trim for best form 2.5m Pb 6.5 12
H Escallonia ‘Fields Scarlet’ Fast growing hedging shrub, masses of bright scarlet flowers, small leaf, very hardy, fertilize and trim annually 2 x 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
H Escallonia ‘Red Dream’ Dwarf variety with small glossy leaves, red branchlets, crimson red flowers summer autumn, can be clipped, low hedge or in a pot Pb 6.5 12
H Escallonia rubra Red escallonia Densely branched, glossy dark green leaves with serrated edge, dark pink flowers over summer, coastal tolerant, hedge or single plant 4m Pb 6.5 12
Eucalyptus cinerea Silver Dollar gum Greyish foliage, disk-like when young, very hardy, fast growing, needs space away from paving and drains 8+m Pb 6.5 10
Eucalyptus ficifolia Scarlet Summer Flowering Gum AKA Corymbia ficifola Handsome form, single trunk, round-headed tree, compact crown, brilliant red mid-summer colour, shelter from frost when young, prefers good drainage 7 x 5m Pb 6.5 10
Eucalytpus leucoxylon ‘Rosea’ Yellow Gum Medium sized spreading tree planted mainly for its winter nectar, loved by tuis, bellbirds and bees, drought tolerant, okay on clay soils, pink to red flowers May-September, winter, tolerates only moderate frost Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $10.00 $15.00
Eucalyptus nicholli Willow Peppermint Graceful weeping tree, fine leaves wide-spreading; excellent shade tree, white flowers autumn, withstands mild frost, drought and wind 12-15m Pb 6.5 10
Eucalyptus nitens Shining Gum Firewood, shelter, timber, fast growing, frost tolerant, tolerant most soils, flowers Jan to March 20+m Tubes Pb 6.5 $3.50 $10.00
Eucalypytus regnans Mountain Ash Tall straight trunk, open crown, white bark shed in ribbons, small white flowers, good timber Pb 6.5 10
Eucalyptus saligna Sydney Blue Gum Magnificent tall ornamental, timber and honey tree, smooth bluish-white bark, masses of white blossoms summer and autumn, mildly frost hardy, likes deep, fertile soil 30m Pb 6.5 10
Euphorbia 'Martinii' Clump forming, reddish foliage, light green spring flowers 50 x 50 cms Pb 6.5 12
H Euonymus ‘Emerald Gem’ Hardy, small green box-like leaves, compact Tubes 3.5
Fagus sylvatica European Beech Broad, spreading, slow growing, magnificent specimen tree or hedge, lime dress if planting in clay soils 30 – 40m Pb 6.5 15
D S–H Fagus sylvatica purpurea Copper Beech Broad spreading, deep purple foliage, slow growing magnificent specimen or hedge 25 – 30m Pb 6.5 Pb12 $15.00 $20.00
H Feijoa sellowiana Hardy hedging, slow to fruit Pb 6.5 15
H/F Feijoa selection A selection of varieties available in winter Pots 23
F Ficus Eating Fig selection available Pots 20
Ficus pumila Creeping fig Evergreen creeping plant, best on rough walls Pb 6.5 12
Fraxinus griffthii Evergreen Ash Fast growing, drought tolerant, attractive tree, white flowers appear in panicles in spring, frost tender when young, specimen or shade tree 6m Pb 12 20
D/F Fruit trees A selection of pip and stone fruit will be available from July onwards Bare root 32
Fuschia ‘Candy Bell’ Fast growing, evergreen, very small bright cerise flowers almost all year, prune to shape, sun or semi shade Pb 6.5 12
Fuschia procumbens Ground-cover or trailer, attractive bright green rounded leaves, interesting upright flowers followed by red berries, best partial shade Pb 6.5 12
Fuscospora solandri Black beech Formly Nothofagus solandri, tall, attractive tree, wind hardier than other beeches, suits moderately fertile soil good drainage 20 x 5m Pb 6.5 15
Fuscospora solandri cliffortioides Mountain beech; elegant form, smaller growing than Black beech, good drainage Pb 6.5 15
Gardenia 'True Love' Large, gloriously fragrant pure white double flowers Pb 6.5 15
Garrya elliptica Silk Tassel bush An unusual shrub with leathery grey/green leaves, long silver green catkins hang from branch tips throughout winter, frost hardy, coastal tolerant, frost hardy, likes good drainage 2.5 x 2 m Pb 6.5 12
D Ginko biloba Maidenhair tree Large pyramidal tree, fan-like leathery leaves turn gold in autumn making a spectacular sight 25m Pb 12 $15.00
Gordonia axillaris Evergreen small tree, glossy dark green leaves, creamy-white flowers with golden stamens, excellent small tree, full sun to part shade, lightly tip prune after flowering if a bushy shrub is required 4.5 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Grapes table varieties Selection available Pb 6.5 18
Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’ Vigorous groundcover with bronzy red new growth, deep red ‘toothbrush’ flowers through-out the year, prolific in spring, full sun or semi shade, prefers good drainage but will grow in clay banks or sandy soils 75 cm x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea ‘Drummer Boy’ Small leaved dwarf form of Mt Tamboritha, cream red/pink spidery flowers winter, hardy, sun lover Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea 'Gaudichaudi' Excellent ground-cover or wall spiller, dark red 'tooth-brush' flowers winter spring, sun, coastal tolerant 15 cm x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea ‘Mt Tamboritha’ Prostrate with masses of pink/red and cream spidery flowers during winter and spring, likes sun, poor soil and dry conditions 50 cm x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea ‘Nancy Otzen’ Fast growing spreading sun-lover, flowers pinkish-red with white centers autumn to spring, deep green foliage, likes well drained poor soil, good for banks and borders 1.2 x 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea ‘Robinhood’ Scarlet Toothbrush Grevillea Vigorous, withstands cold and dry, stake against strong wind, distinctive herring-bone shaped foliage, scarlet flower spikes 3 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea ‘Scarlett Sprite’ Super hardy, will tolerate heat, neglect and frost, clear scarlet flowers against very green foliage most of the year, enjoyed by birds 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea 'Tranquility’ Lovely small shrub, soft grey-green leaves masses of pastel pink and cream flower clusters winter and spring, frost resistant 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Grevillea 'White Wings' Vigorous, dense spreading, long flowering, fragrant white with touch of yellow flowers 2 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ H Griselinia lit. 'Cobb Valley' Hardy broadleaf, stems orange-red, glossy deep green leaves, ideal screen or hedging 2.5 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 10
Ⓝ H Griselinia lit. 'Canterbury' Hardy broadleaf selection, darker contrasting stems, slightly smaller leaf Pb 6.5 10
Ⓝ H Griselinia littoralis ' Broadway Mint' Broadleaf Fast growing, upright form, tolerates coastal conditions and is cold and wind hardy, leaf margins slightly wavy Pb 6.5 10
Ⓝ H Griselinia littoralis Kapuka Broadleaf Handsome, hardy shrub, small tree, hedge, shiny round vivid green leaf, sun or shade, tolerant of salt wind and frost 3 x 2m Pb 6.5 10
Ⓝ S-H Griselinia lucida Akapuka Thick, broad-ovate, glossy, egg-shaped leaves, sun or shade, frost tender when young 5 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Hakea 'Barrandong Beauty' Hardy, stunning ball-like flowers with prominent red stamens, mid winter onwards, sun and good drainage 1.5 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
S-H Hamamelis intermedia Hybrid Witch hazel Broadly spreading, autumn leaves dull purple, green, yellow, red, small spidery flowers yellow, orange or red over winter, good screening or back border shrub 1 - 3m Pb 6.5 15
Cl Hardenbergia violacea Delightful climber or scrambler, prolific intense purple pea shaped flowers late winter spring, long flowering, evergreen, sun or partial shade Pb 6.5 15
Hebe albicans Hardy, handsome floriferous sub-alpine shrub found in the Nelson region, blue/green foliage, pink buds opening to white, purple anthers mid-summer through autumn 60 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Champagne’ Low growing, dark green leaves flushed purple pale violet to white flowers, late summer 50 x 90 cms Pb 6.5 10
Hebe diosmafolia Low, spreading, flowers pale lavender, fading to white, early spring through mid-summer 75 x 75 cm (a few) Pb 6.5 10
Hebe 'Inspiration' Neat, compact, purple flowers in summer 75 x 75 cms Pb6.5 10
Hebe 'James Stirling' A whipcord, conifer-like foliage, mustard colour leaves and stems, suits rock gardens and cold sites 50 x 60 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Lavender Lass’ Narrow leaves, lavender/white flowers spring, summer 1 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Marie Antoinette’ Neat, compact, slightly pendulous branches, purple-tinged new growth, cerise flowers fading white 75 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe odora syn buxifloia Neat symmetrical ball shape, white flowers, 'box-like' foliage 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Oratia Beauty’ Compact growing shrub, flowers pink in bud fading white 75 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe pinguifolia Small prostrate compact sub-alpine shrub, thick grey/green leaves, contrast plant, white densely packed flower spikes Oct to March 25 x 30 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Red Edge’ Small rounded shrub looking good all year, grey-green foliage with red margins, more intense colour in spring, pink buds open to lilac flowers fading to white in summer, likes good drainage, hardy to frost and dry 60 - 70 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ’Sandra Joy’ Strong growing large leaf form, deep wine red buds open to purple flowers late winter and summer 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 10
Hebe speciosa blue Large blue flowers Pb 6.5 10
Hebe speciosa Thick, fleshy leaves, beetroot purple-red flowers, autumn summer 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 10
Hebe topiaria Ball shaped shrub, small white flowers early summer, hardy, small hedging, borders, mass planting 90 x 75 cms Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Wiri Cloud’ Hardy compact shrub, small rounded leaves, deep pink flowers cover plant early summer 75 cms Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Wiri Grace’ Long spikes light purple flowers summer. A cultivar from Jack Hobbs 1.5m Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Wiri Mist’ Good low hebe, lighter green foliage, white flowers late spring 40 x 90 cm Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘Wiri Spears’ Large leaves, long spear-shaped racemes deep mauve flowers, late summer to late autumn, prune regularly 1.5m Pb 6.5 10
Hebe ‘White Gem’ Compact form, emerald green foliage, white flowers in summer, easy growing, can be hedged 50 cm Pb 6.5 10
Helleborus orientalis Winter Rose (mixed colours) Green, cream, pink flowers late winter, plant amongst deciduous trees and shrubs Pb 6.5 12
Hemerocallis Day Lilies Mixed colours Pb 6.5 12
Hoheria populnea Lacebark Graceful tree, abundant perfumed flowers late summer and again in autumn, quick growing screen 4-6m Pb 6.5 12
Hoheria sextylosa Graceful Lacebark Narrower smaller leaves, graceful weeping habit, profuse flowering of perfumed creamy white flowers in spring Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea ‘Ayesha’ Soft pink lilac blue mop-head, large domed florets resemble pop-corn, aluminium sulphate will keep them blue 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea ‘Le Cygne’ (The Swan) White, mop-head, round heads, medium pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea 'Blue Wave' Tidy blue lacecap 1m Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea 'Bridal Bouquet' Creamy-white mophead flowers summer, great picking, likes shaded well drained site, prune to half size after leaves drop 1.3m Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea 'Grayswood' White changing to pink then rich wine red, lacecap 1 x 5m Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Blaumeise’ Charming mid-blue lace-cap blooms smother the bush late spring through summer, tight foliage habit, likes shaded well drained site, prune to half size after leaves drop, blue colour encouraged by applying acid fertilizer 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea ‘Masja’ Red, mop-head, large flower, will change colour from bright red to purple with soil acidity 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Hydrangea ‘Renate Steiniger’ Mid blue, mop-head, cut out dead wood and prune 1/3 of older stems to ground level in winter 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Hymenosporum flavum Australian Frangapani Graceful, erect, slender open form, handsome foliage, beautiful flowers, pale cream blooms mature to orange-yellow with sweet honey perfume in spring through summer, shelter from prevailing winds 6 x 3m Pb 6.5 15
Jacaranda mimosifolia Mauve-blue, tubular flowers spring through summer, excellent lawn or patio tree, semi-evergreen, frost tender 7 x 5m Pb 6.5 15
Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’ Compact spreading conifer, apple-green foliage maturing bluish green, ideal for rock gardens 20 cm x 1.2m Pb 6.5 15
Knightia excelsa Rewarewa, Honeysuckle tree Slender, erect tapering tree with handsome foliage, attractive reddish-brown flowers appear spring through early summer, loved by nectar feeding birds 7 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Kniphofia uvaria Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily Evergreen perennial, prefers moist soil, hardy, likes sunny site 2m Pb 6.5 12
D Koelreuteria panuiclata Hardy, tall in natural habitat, 5-6m in a garden, white flowers spring good bee food, can be hedged, frost, drought, poor soil tolerant Pb 6.5 15
Ⓝ S-H Kunzea ericoides Kanuka Hardy , tall in natural habitat, 5-6 m in garden, abundant white flowers in spring are good bee food, can be hedged, frost, drought, poor soil tolerant Pb 6.5 12
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender 'Dilly Dilly’ Small compact form, deep purple buds look like velvet, good drainage sun lover 30 cm Pb 6.5 10
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender ‘Grosso’ Tall flower spikes, strong perfume Pb 6.5 10
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender ‘Hidcot’ Compact form, violet flowers Pb 6.5 10
Lavandula ang. 'Lollipop' Pale pink flowers Pb 6.5 10
Lanandula pinnata 'Sidonie' Intense purple flowers almost all year, grey green feathery perfumed foliage, best in full sun with good drainage 60 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 10
Lavandula dentata Toothed lavender, French lavender Toothed leaves, purple flower petals atop flower spike 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 10
Lavandula stoechas ‘ Major’ Popular new hybrid, reddish-purple flowers attractive habit 60 x 60 cm Pb 6.5 10
Laurus nobilis Bay laurel Very hardy. Can be clipped, shaped or used for cooking Pb 6.5 15
Laurus nobilis angustifolia Slender evergreen leaves. Very hardy. Can be used in cooking Pb 12 25
Leptinella squalida ‘Platts Black’ Hardy, creeping groundcover, dark fine ferny leaves Pb 5 9
Leptocarpus similis Jointed rush Oioi A reed with fine grey-green leaves and distinctive brown markings, forms a large clump, grows in damp ground, water, tolerates salt water Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum m. ‘Coppersheen’ Australian Tea Tree Attractive quick growing hardy Australian tea tree, bronzy purple foliage, reddish stems, large creamy/white single flowers 6 x 3m Pb 5 12
Leptospermum s. ’Blossom’ Darkish foliage, large double coral pink flowers profusely winter-spring, likes sun and good drainage 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. 'Burgundy Queen' Red Manuka Burgundy / red double flowers late winter, spring, reddish-bronze foliage, very hardy 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. ‘Coral Candy’ Bright red and candy pink stripped double flowers make a striking display, spring – autumn 2m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. ‘Huia’ Hardy, colourful low growing shrub, dark green foliage, large single red flowers late winter spring, good bee food 30 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. nana 'Kea' Red/green foliage, pale pink flowers in spring, hardy 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. nana 'Kiwi' Dwarf, hardy, single red flowers spring summer 30 cm Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. 'Princess Anne' Double white flowers with maroon center 2m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum scoparium Manuka Tea Tree Hardy native, enjoys well worked soil, good drainage, masses of white flowers early summer 4 x 4m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. ‘Snow Flurry’ Double white flowers late spring to midsummer, upright habit 1.5 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. nana ‘Tui’ Dull green foliage, pale pink flowers late winter spring, hardy, sun, wind, frost, wet or dry tolerant 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. ‘Wiri Linda’ Vigorous grower, fresh green foliage, white fully double flowers with ruffled petals, early autumn-spring 1.7 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Leptospermum s. ‘Wiri Susan’ Hardy, attractive large single white flowers, green foliage 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Leucodendrons Give us a ring or email for selection of varieties available pots 32
Libertia grandiflora Native Iris Largest of native irises, tall stems of pure white flowers appear above leaves in spring, semi shaded position but will grow in sun, self seeds 75 cm Pb 5 9
Libertia ixioides ‘Volcano’ Gold, orange red colours in thin erect blades, suitable in containers or mass planting, prefers semi shade, grows in any soil, flowers spring, coast and frost hardy, flowers held amongst leaves 40 cm Pb 5 9
Libertia perigrinans Creeping iris Erect brownish-green leaves with bright orange midrib, white flowers spring and summer, full sun, hardy 40 cm Pb 5 9
Libocedrus plumosa Kawaka Handsome tree with foliage and pyramidal form, slow growth, best in moist conditions 10m+ Pb 6.5 15
Ligustrum japonicum rotundifolium A handsome, slow growing upright shrub, glossy dark green rounded slightly contorted foliage, low maintenance, full sun or part shade, frost hardy, hedge, cream flowers summer followed by black berries 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
D Liquidamber styraciflua Excellent autumn colours, yellow, orange, red, purple, prefers moist soils 25m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
D Liriodendron tupilfera Tulip Tree Broadly columnar, tulip like flowers of green and orange, golden yellow autumn colour, timber tree in USA 30+m Pb 6.5 15
Liriope 'Blue Skies Hardy clump forming perennial, good in dappled shade, purple/blue flower Pb 5 9
Liriope 'Munroes White' Hardy grass-like perennial with clustered white flower spikes, summer to autumn, good ground-cover, border or accent plant, partial to full shade, good drainage, will tolerate dry periods Pb 5 9
Liriope muscari 'Samantha’ As above with soft pink flower spikes 35-40 cm x 45 cm Pb 5 9
Liriope ‘Royal Purple’ Deeper purple flowers Pb 5 9
Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’ Ground-cover, gentian-blue starry flowers, spring, early summer, trailing, ideal rockery plant 15 cm x 90 cm Pb 6.5 12
Lomandra confertifolia ‘Little Pal’ Very hardy Australian lush grass, shiny, fine, weeping, green foliage, unusual yellow/green spiky flower heads in autumn, good filler 60 cm Pb 5 10
H Lonicera nitida Hardy, small leafed shrub, ideal for low hedging or topiary Pb 6.5 12
Lophomyrtus 'Kathryn' Wine-red stems, small jade-green oval foliage, bushy medium grower 2.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Lophomyrtus x ralphii ’Pixie’ Charming miniature form with small bronzy-green foliage, dark purple new growth, excellent rock garden feature 50 x 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Lophomyrtus x r. 'Red Dragon’ Medium grower, new shoots brilliant reddish pink maturing blackish red, intensifying through winter, excellent picking 1.5 x 70 cm Pb 5 12
Lophozonia menziesii Silver beech Deep green leaves contrast with the silvery trunk, sun or semi shade, frost hardy 10+m Pb 6.5 15
Loropetalum chinensis Fringe Flower 'Firedance' Compact, spreading, semi-pendulous branches, unusual deep pink/cerise spidery flowers, late winter spring, green/bronzy foliage 1.5 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Luculia grandiflora Frost tender, beautifully fragrant white tubular flowers summer 1.5m Pb 6.5 15
Luma apiculata Chilean cinnamon bark myrtle Hardy, attractive small dark green leaves, masses of white flowers, cinnamon / orange bark, trims well 4 - 10m Pb 6.5 12
D Magnolia denudata Yulan Magnolia Broadly conical, large white cup-shaped flowers before leaves appear 5+m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
Magnolia grandiflora Evergreen magnolia, Bull Bay magnolia Evergreen, rust-coloured felt beneath large glossy foliage, large fragrant creamy-white flowers, large tree 4m in 5yrs Pb 6.5 15
Magnolia g. ‘Little Gem’ Large cream white fragrant flowers in summer, mid-sized columnar evergreen tree, likes cool roots, water during dry periods 6m Pb 6.5 15
D Magnolia g. ‘Susan’ Large shrub or small tree, early spring large chalice shaped dark rose purple fragrant blooms open to fuchsia pink, best with adequate water, organically rich acidic soil, average drainage, sun or part shade, shelter from high wind, don’t plant too deep 3.5 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 15
D Magnolia soulangeana Tulip magnolia Masses of globe-shaped creamy-white flowers flushed pink with and purple at the base, before the leaves emerge 5 x 4m Pb 6.5 15
D Magnolia stellata Star magnolia Starry white or delicate pink flowers, star-like petals emerge before leaves, good smaller gardens 2 - 3m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $20.00
D Malus bervipes Nippon crab apple Stiffly branched shrub, fragrant pure white flowers, bright red fruits enjoyed by birds 3m Pb 12 20
D Melia azedarach Indian Bead Tree Fast growing, spreading form, sprays of delicately perfumed lilac flowers followed by yellow fruits, drought tolerant 9m Pb 6.5 15
Meryta sinclairii Puka Striking tree, large paddle-shaped leaves give tropical appearance, wide spreading, prune to contain size, sunny site, reasonable soil, frost tender when young 5m Pb 6.5 15
Metrosideros carminea ‘Ferris Wheel’ Akakura Spreading shrub with small pohutakawa-like crimson flowers, spring, prefers moist soil, semi shade Pb 6.5 12
Metrosideros excelsa Pohutukawa, NZ Christmas Tree Prefers deeply worked, organically enriched, free draining soil, mulch during dry periods till established, bright crimson flowers mid-summer 2 - 8 x 2 - 5m Pb 6.5 15
Metrosideros excelsa ‘Maori Princess’ Pohutakawa Upright habit, responds to trimming, excellent hedge or screen, likes full sun, frost tender when young, wind tolerant, good standard, crimson-red flowers summer 7 x 4m Pb 6.5 15
Metrosideros ‘Mistral’ Excelsa x robusta, deep scarlet Pb 6.5 15
Metrosiderous umbellata Southern rata Slow growing, prefers good drainage, brilliant red flowers in profusion when the ress is many years old, hardy to wind and frost 10m+ Pb 6.5 15
Michelia doltsopa Evergreen, lawn specimen or back ground tree, brown furry buds, perfumed creamy white blooms winter-spring, likes good drainage but moisture retentive soil, sun or semi shade, takes light frost 6 x 3m Pb 6.5 15
Michelia figo Port wine magnolia Evergreen, glossy leaves, small purpley flowers perfumed like tropical fruits spring summer 2 - 3m Pb 6.5 15
D Michelia yunnanensis Yunnan bush michelia A delightful evergreen, easily grown, masses of white saucer-shaped perfumed flowers winter spring, sunny or semi-shaded position, tolerates frost, prefers adequate moisture 1.8 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 S20.00
D Morus nigra Black Mulberry Broadly spreading, edible deep red-black aromatic fruits 5+m Pb 6.5 15
Muehlenbeckia astonii Interesting, hardy contrast plant, tangled wiry stems, small dark-green heart-shaped leaves, semi deciduous in winter, informal hedge 1 – 2.5m Pb 6.5 12
Muelenbeckia axillaris Creeping matt forming 1 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Myoporum laetum Ngaio Fast growing, hardy coastal tree providing quick shelter, attractive rounded form (when young), frost tender when small, all parts poisonous to stock 6m Pb 6.5 10
Myrtus ugnii Chilean Cranberry Delightful waxy bell-shaped pale pink flowers followed by delicious claret coloured berries late summer, moist well drained site, sun or light shade Pb 6.5 12
Nandina domestica pygmea Sacred Bamboo Densely foliaged bush, green, purple, scarlet leaves, intense colour in full sun, hardy, easy care 60 x 60 cm Pb 6.5 12
Nandina ‘Gulf Stream' Dwarf nandina, pale green yellow foliage in summer turning flaming red in autumn winter, hardy, easy care 60 x 60 cm Pb 6.5 12
Nothofagus menziesii Silver beech Handsome specimen tree, small green leaves with silvery trunk, best in cool moist districts 10m+ x 5m Pb 6.5 15
Nyassa salvatica Tupelo Slow to moderate growth, sun or partial shade, likes moisture retentive soil and tolerates wet feet, brilliant autumn colours 7 x 5m Pb 6.5 15
Olearia cheesemanii Streamside daisy Multi branching shrub, attractive silvery buff underside of leaves, masses of daisy-like flowers in spring, hardy, likes good drainage, sun or partial shade 2 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ S-H Olearia paniculata Golden Ake ake, Akiraho Shrub or small tree, tiny fragrant flowers in autumn, tolerates coastal conditions, must have good drainage, hardy Pb 6.5 12
Olearia solandri Hardy, erect shrub with tiny leaves, autumn flowers have a vanilla fragrance, attractive golden stems on new growth, quick growing shelter 3 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Olive Frantoio Tuscan variety, heavy cropper, self- fertile, excellent oil, can be pickled Pb 6.5 14
Olive Hardy’s Mamouth Large fruit suitable for pickling Pb 6.5 14
Olive Koroneiki Greek, heavy cropper, tolerates dry conditions, oil Pb 6.5 14
Olive Leccino Tuscan, grows well with Frantoio, pollinate with Pendolino, oil Pb 12 14
Olive Manzanilla Small spreading tree, prolific early bearer, pollinates Barnea. Oil or pickling Pb 6.5 14
Olive Pendolino Tuscan, excellent pollinator for Frantoio and Leccino Pb 6.5 14
Olive South Australian Verdale Selection of French Verdale that produces large fruit for pickling, early to bear fruit Pb 6.5 14
Ophiopogon Black Dragon Black mondo grass Small grass-like plant with purple-black leaves, loose hyacinth-like white or lilac flowers summer followed by dull blue fruit 35 x 35 cm Pb 5 9
S Ophiopogon japonicus nana Mini Mondo grass Small grass-like plant forming a tuft of curving green leaves, white/lilac flowers in summer followed by dull blue fruit, likes free drainage, semi shade or if in sun adequate watering 35 x 25 cm Pb 5 9
Osmanthus het. Variegatus Grey-green and cream variegated holly like shrub Pb 6.5 12
Osmanthus purpurea Hardy evergreen, holly-like leaves new growth is purple turning green in summer, colour deepest in full sun, tiny fragrant flowers in autumn when mature, good hedge 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pachystegia insignis Marlborough rock daisy Thick leathery oval leaves, large white daisy flowers early summer on 30 cm stems, needs well-drained soil in sun Pb 5 12
Pachystegia rufa Marlborough rock daisy Robust spreading shrub, large leathery leaves deep green on top brown velvety tomentose (furry) undersides, large daisy-like flowers early summer, likes good drainage, sun, don’t crowd with other plants 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Cl Pandorea pandorna Wonga-wonga vine Hardy vigorous climber, dark green glossy leaves, fragrant bell-shaped creamy-white flowers, profusely, late winter - spring (a few) Pb 6.5 15
Cl Pandorea 'Charisma' Dark green and cream variegated leaves, pink trumpet flowers with maroon throat Pb 6.5 15
Cl Pandorea 'Lady Di' Creamy white flared trumpet flowers with delicate yellow throat shading Pb 6.5 15
Cl Pandorea pandorea 'Ruby Heart' Hardy climber, cream bell-like flowers with speckled red throat, attractive dark green foliage Pb 6.5 15
Parahebe 'Baby Blue' Compact, leaves slightly bronzed, purple/blue flowers spring and summer, prefers moist well drained soil 15 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 12
D Parrotia Persia Persian Ironwood Broadly spreading, exfoliating bark similar to London Plane, small flowers with red stamens on bare winter branches, yellow, orange, red autumn colour, tolerates dry site 6+m Pb 6.5 15
Ⓝ Cl Pasonia hetrophylla Kaihua Native jasmine Vigorous climber which flowers almost all year, creamy sweet scented flowers attract butterflies, hardy and versatile Pb 6.5 15
F Passiflora edulis Black passionfruit Delicious fruits, needs warm sunny sheltered site to climb Pb 6.5 15
Pennantia corymbosa Kaikomako Juvenile twiggy form matures to a rounded head, dark leaves, abundant white flowers, best in good moist soil 6 x 3m Pb 6.5 $15.00
Phebalium squameum Satin Wood Hardy, erect, pale green olive-like leaves, fast growing shelter 4 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Phebalium s. 'Limelight' Satin wood with attractive lime variegation Pb 6.5 12
Philadelphus hybrid ‘Virginal’ Mock Orange Strong growing shrub, pure white, fragrant double flowers, full sun or part shade, good drainage preferred 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium ‘Black Rage’ Black flax Clump-forming, long sword-like leaves, frost hardy, tolerant of wet, dry, windy situations, upright habit, blue/ black/green colour tones 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium cookianum wharariki Mountain Flax An unmistakable feature of our landscape, found from sea-level to sub-alpine regions, generally drooping leaves, nectar rich flowers loved by tuis and bellbirds 1 -1.5m Pb 12 12
Phormium c. 'Emerald Dwarf' Dwarf cookianum 70 cm Pb 6.5 12
Phormium c. 'Emerald Gem' Smaller growing cookianum selection 60 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 12
Phormium ‘Dusky Chief’ Deep bronze red, silvery tones Pb 6.5 12
Phormium 'Evening Glow' Graceful arching form, rich red edged with darker red, excellent dwarf habit 75 x 75 cm Pb 6.5 12
Phormium 'Firebird' Strong erect grower, broad deep green leaves edged with vivid re, vibrant colour 1.5 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium ‘Golden Ray’ Upright habit, golden yellow, pinkish tinge, green mid-rib, hardy 1 - 2m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium c. ‘Jack Spratt’ Dwarf, bronze/purple, erect 30 x 30 cm Pb 6.5 12
Phormium ‘Jester’ Beautiful green flax, deep-pink mid-rib, weeping 1.2m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium ‘Rainbow Maiden’ Weeping, red/dark pink/bronze, hardy to most situations 1 - 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium 'Rainbow Queen' Erect with drooping tips, rosy red stripes on bronzy background, colour best in full sun, hardy 1 - 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium 'Surfers Bronze' Lower growing green/bronze flax, upright narrow leaves 50 x 50 cm Pb 6.5 12
Phormium tenax Green Flax, Harakeke Vigorous, upright, bluish/green, damp, dry, windy situations, good shelter / wind-break 2 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Phormium t. purpurea Attractive selection, dark reddish purple, full sun or part shade 1.5 x 1.8m Pb 6.5 12
Photinia ‘Red Robin’ Hedging, specimen, crimson-red new leaf growth long period spring and after clipping, hardy 2.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Phylica pubescens Flannel flower Linear leaves covered in soft hairs, light green to soft yellow, sun lover, great cut flower 80 cm Pb 6.5 12
Phyllocladus trichomanoides Tanekaha, Celery pine Conical form, foliage celery-like in adult plant but feathery when young, hardy, good timber 10 x 3m Pb 6.5 15
Picea abies European spruce Narrowly conical evergreen, likes good drainage, tolerates snow, good Christmas tree 30m Pb 6.5 15
Picea pungens ‘Glauca’ Blue Colorado Spruce Narrow pyramidal form, stiff needle-like blue-green foliage, drought tolerant 3 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 15
Picea smithiana Himalayan weeping spruce Large weeping vigorous spruce, good shelter, large green cones turning brown 30+m Pb 6.5 15
Pieris 'Flaming Silver' Striking variegated foliage, new shoots red, white/cream bell shaped flowers 1.5m Pots 32
Pieris 'Mountain Fire Sturdy shrub, bronze red new leaf growth, glossy white flowers hanging in clusters 1.3m Pots 32
Pieris 'Valley Valentine' Large panicles of dusky red flowers held above deep green foliage 1.5m Pots 32
Pimelea prostrata ‘Anatoki Blue’ Native daphne Hardy, matt like ground-cover, blue/grey foliage, profusion, small fragrant creamy / white flowers summer, sun, good drainage Pb 6.5 12
Pimelea prostrata 'Flat White’ A lovely grey-green soft ground-cover that will drape over walls, suits hot, dry areas, small creamy white flowers spring and autumn Pb 6.5 12
Pimelea prostrata Native Daphne Hardy, low growing grey green leaves, small creamy white flowers Pb 6.5 12
Pinus pinea Pine nut, Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine Bears crop in approx. 10 years, tolerates dry, likes good drainage, wind and coastal hardy 3m in 5yrs, 12m Pots 28
D Pistachia Chinensis Small to medium tree of the cashew family, hardy, can withstand harsh conditions and poor soils, striking orange/red autumn colour 6 x 4m Pb 6.5 15
Pittosporum crassifolium Karo Hardy, suits coastal conditions, young shoots and leaves attractively felted, dark-red fragrant flower clusters spring - early summer followed by interesting seed capsules 4 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum eugenoides Tarata, Lemonwood Leaves lemon fragrance when bruised, responds to pruning, excellent shelter hedge 5 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum tenufolium Kohuhu (Propagated from seed.) Broadly conical, shiny silver green leaves, small black fragrant flowers summer evenings 5 x 3m Pb6.5 12
Pittosporum t. 'Gold Star' Bushy habit, wavy variegated gold and green foliage Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum 'Golf Ball' Compact small form, trim to keep good shape Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum 'Jade' Dense evergreen shrub, smaller growing, good hedge, wind break or mixed planting, hardy 2.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. 'Midget' Fresh green, compact naturally ball shaped Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. ‘Mountain Green’ Dense, fresh-looking, rich green foliage, bushy growth habit, hardy 2.5m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. 'Pixie' Compact, silvery grey/green foliage trims nicely 1m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum 'Silver Pillar' Small silver green leaves edged with cream. Naturally forms a pillar shape. Can be trimmed or left to grow. Good screen or with mixed plantings. 3x1m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. 'Silver Sheen' Light green / silver-ish foliage 3 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum r. ‘Stephens Island’ Attractive, dense form, dark green oval leaves, coastal conditions, slow growth, great hedged 3 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. ‘Sumo’ Attractive deep green leaf, needs good drainage, tolerates dry, exposed sites, sun or shade and frost 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ S-H Pittospotrum t. 'Tasman Ruffles' Excellent growth, bushy and quick, limey ruffled leaves with black stems Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ S-H Pittosporum t. ‘Tandarra Gold’ Compact bushy grower, small rounded leaves prominently splashed gold, green margins, distinctive black stems 3 - 4 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Ⓝ S-H Pittosposum t. variegatum Cream green variegation, hardy shelter, hedge, tidy upright 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. ‘Wai-iti’ Wine-red stems, small jade-green oval foliage, bushy medium grower 2.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. ‘Waimea’ Small round jade-green leaf, bushy growth 3 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 12
Pittosporum t. ‘Wrinkle Blue’ Dean’s Nursery selection, fast growth rate, green/blue/grey, wavy foliage, hedge, shelter 5 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Plagianthus regius Manatu, Ribbonwood Graceful, stately, slender, small but showy yellowish-green flowers spring, semi deciduous, tolerates wind, frost, normal or wet conditions 5m Pb 6.5 12
D Platanus orientalis Oriental Plane Broadly columnar form, quick growing, attractive bark that flakes-in-plates, deeply incised leaves, hardy 25m Pb 12 20
Plumbago auriculata Bright sky-blue flowers, long flowering season, frost tender 1.5 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Poa cita Silver Tussock Densely tufted tussock, graceful habit, tawny green colour, poorer soil not too moist 50 - 70 cm Pb 5 7
Podocarpus totara Totara Highly valued New Zealand native, good specimen or hedging 15m Pb 6.5 Pb 12 $15.00 $25.00
Podocarpus totara 'Matapouri Blue' Attractive blue green foliage, cutting grown Pb 6.5 15
Pomaderris kumeraho Kumarahou A slender shrub, spectular sight in spring covered with yellow flowers, likes good drainage, sun or semi shade, will do well on poor dry soils, sensitive to heavy frost, medicinal properties 2 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
S-H Polygala x dalmaisiana ‘Dazzler’ Dense evergreen shrub, rich mauve/purple flowers most of the year, hardy 2m Pb 6.5 12
S-H Populus 'Yunanensis' Yunan poplar Broadly columnar, attractive reddish new growth turning to dark green leathery shiny leaves, good for dry hill country, holds yellow leaves into early winter 30m Pb 6.5 12
Pratia ‘Country Park’ Fast growing creeping herb, covered in small pale blue starry flowers for long period in summer, prefers a damp site but does well most places Pb 5 9
Prumnopitys ferruginea syn. Podocarpus ferrugineus Miro Forest tree, attractive ornamental, slow growing, prefers good moist soil, semi-shade 5 - 10m in garden Pb 6.5 15
Prumnopitys taxifolia Matai Timber tree, tangled appearance as juvenile, growth slows as it matures, interesting flaking bark, can tolerate quite dry conditions 10+m Pb 6.5 15
S-H Prunus lusitanicus Portuguese Laurel Excellent screening or hedging plant, deep-green leaves, white flowers followed by red/black berries, hardy, can grow 10m as a tree Pb 6.5 12
D Prunus Flowering cherries A selection will be available from July Bagged B.Root $40.00 $55.00
Pseudopanax arboreus Five finger Fleshy leaves, serrated margins, responds well to pruning, versatile plant, winter flowers followed by small purplish berries liked by birds 3 - 6m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax crassifolium Horoeka, Lancewood Distinct New Zealand native in juvenile form, long narrow leathery leaves drooping downwards from single stem, this stage lasts 10 - 20 years, after which it becomes a round-headed tree 5m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax 'Dreamtime' Upright bushy habit, palmate leaf dark in winter 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax 'Gold Splash' Bright gold/yellow splashes on green leaves, attractive contrast 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax lessonii ‘Cyril Watson’ Slow growing, young plants tolerate some frost, handsome wide lobed shiny green leaves, good in container 2 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Pseduopanax l. discolour Small compact form, black-brown foliage Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax l. 'Saber' Upright selection with narrow lance-like leaves, sun or part shade, can be hedged 2m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax ferox Savage Lancewood Long narrow drooping brown leaves, toothed margins, distinct New Zealand look, tolerates dry conditions, prone to root rot if soil too wet, mature tree bushy and short brunched 5m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudopanax laetus Large leafed Five Finger Bushy, large dark green oval leathery leaves serrated near tips, spring berries loved by birds 3m Pb 6.5 12
Pseudowintera colorata Horopito, Pepper tree Hardy, sun or shade, unhappy with very wet or very dry conditions, frost tolerant, peppery leaves, attractive multi-coloured olive green and red foliage, leaves used in cooking 2 - 3m Pb 6.5 12
D Quercus cerris Turkey Oak Hardy, vigorous once established, tolerates dry and exposure, good timber 35m Pb 6.5 15
D Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Large broadly spreading, deeply lobed leaves deep red in autumn, cold hardy, good timber 24m Pb 6.5 15
D Quercus palustris Pin Oak Handsome specimen tree, reddish brown autumn colour, prefers moist, rich, well-drained, acid soils, but does well in Moutere clay 8 x 6m Pb 6.5 15
D Quercus robur fastigiata Upright English Oak Tall columnar form, hardy, good avenue tree 25m Pb 6.5 15
F Raspberry 'Clutha' Nearly thornless, commercial producer Pb 6.5 18
F Raspberry ‘Heritage’ Good for home garden, self-fertile but benefit from planting in groups, medium sized fruits, good colour and flavour, high yielding, late cropper, well into autumn Pb 6.5 18
F Rubus idaeus European red raspberry Delicious fruit summer or early autumn, fruit produced on second year canes Pb 6.5 18
Rhododendrons Good selection available in May, separate list available Pb 6.5 32
F Ribes Black Currant 'Laxton Tinker' Heavy cropper good disease resistance Pb 6.5 18
F Ribes Red Currant 'Laxton Red' Very early season, strong grower, reliable cropper, long bunches of large crimson berries Pots 18
Rosa ‘Alberic Babier’ A strong growing rambler , deep green foliage, clusters of slightly scented fully double creamy white flowers from yellow bud, mid-summer 5m Pb 6.5 12
Rosa 'Cecile Brunner' Delightful small shell pink roses Pb 6.5 12
D Rosa ‘Mutabilis’ A delightful rose, buds deep apricot open soft apricot pink then turn cerise almost all year 3 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Rosmarinus Lavendulensces Creeping Rosemary Hardy, ground cover or wall spiller, soft blue/mauve flowers Pb 6.5 12
Rosmarinus officinalis Common Rosemary Hardy upright, blue flowers early summer, clip for neat shrub or low hedge, great cooking herb 1.30 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
F Rubus boysenberry 'Mapua' Local selection, outstanding flavour, fruiting at Christmas Pb 6.5 12
F Rubus fruiticosa thornless Thornless blackberry, heavy fruiting Pb 6.5 18
D Salix alba 'vit' Hybrid willow Vigorous, male straight stemmed, erosion control, coppiced, fodder for deer or cattle Pb 6.5 15
D Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa' Twisted willow Broadly spreading, shoots twisted Pb 6.5 15
D Salix purpurea Basket willow Spreading, used for basket weaving, coppice annually to produce basket material Pb 6.5 15
D Salix x sepulcralis ‘Chrysocoma’ PN 240 Golden weeping willow Broadly spreading, long, very large weeping tree, pendulous, yellowish branches, likes moisture Pb 6.5 15
Salvia confertifloia Large leaved, long spikes of rusty red flowers over long season Pb 6.5 10
F Sambucus Elderberry Large clusters of small white flowers used for making cordial or champagne late spring, berries for jelly or wine 3 – 8m Pb 6.5 10
Scleranthus biflorus Low light cushion of tiny lime-green leaves, tiny greenish white flowers late summer, best in sun, likes good drainage Pb 5 9
Sequoia sempervirens Californian redwood Large evergreen tree, stately pyramidal form, straight shapely trunk, free draining, deeply worked soil, full sun or semi shade, water in dry periods Pb 6.5 15
Sequoia sempervirens Korbel Californian redwood-Christmas tree clone Narrow conical form, short frequent branches, re-grows vigorously from stump 20+m Pb 6.5 15
Sophora microphylla ’Dragons Gold’ Kowhai Bushy, heavy display of yellow flowers early in winter to early summer 2 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Sophora microphylla South Island Kowhai Small leaflets, yellow flowers spring, loved by bellbirds and tuis 5 x 3m Pb 6.5 12
Sophora prostrata Bushy shrub, interlacing branches, small leaves, flowers are small almost orange, very tough, hardy, can be clipped as hedge 2 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Sophora tetraptera North Island Kowhai No divaricating juvenile stage, large yellow flowers loved by birds 5 - 12m Pb 6.5 12
D Sorbus aucuparia RowanMountain Ash Broadly conical, pinnate leaves, clusters of white flowers followed by red-orange berries, mulch and keep moist in dry periods 5-12m Pb 6.5 15
D Spirea cantoniensis Full sun or partial shade, prune after flowering, cold hardy, pure white multi-petalled flowers profuse early summer 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 12 15
D Styrax japonicas Japanese Snowbell Tree A beautiful spreading tree with profuse, small fragrant bell flowers hanging beneath its branches mid spring, yellow autumn colour, enjoys good drainage, a damp site 5 - 8m Pb 6.5 15
D Syringa komarowii Nodding lilac Erect branches, fragrant pink to mauve flowers in panicles up to 25 cm long, good for cutting, attractive to birds and bees, cold hardy 3 - 4m Pb 12 20
D Table grapes Assorted selection. Separate list available Pb 6.5 18
Ⓝ Cl Tamarillo 'Robinson’s Red' Fast growing, full sun, good drainage, avoid frost, prune hard in spring, fertilise annually mulch and keep moist in warm weather, fruit packed with vitamins autumn winter, fruits in 2 to 3 years 3m Pb 12 25
D Taxodium distictum Swamp cypress Narrowly columnar, soft green foliage turns brown in late autumn, swamp tolerant but thrives on well drained soils 25m Pb 6.5 15
Ⓝ Cl Tecomanthe speciosa Vigorous native climber, glossy deep green leaves, large cream tubular flowers borne in bunches during winter months, loved by tuis, frost tender in colder areas, grow up a tree under shelter Pb 6.5 15
Telopaea oreades Victorian waratah Broad evergreen, red flowers, needs well drained site, won’t tolerate damp clays 3 – 4m Pb 6.5 15
Teucrium fruiticans Loose form shrub or clipped attractive hedging, contrast or screen, silvery-white foliage, lavender-blue flowers 1.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Thuja occidentalis fastigiata Columnar, bronzy in winter, hedge or specimen, cold hardy tolerant of most soils 3 – 5m Pb 6.5 15
S - H Thuja plicata Western red cedar Excellent shelter, fast growing Pb 6.5 12
Tibouchina urvilleana 'Edwardsii' Royal purple flowers summer- autumn, sporadically through year, loves sun, heat, shelter from winds and frost, cut back after flowering to keep compact 2.5 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Cl Trachelospermum jasminoides
Star Jasmine
Strong growing evergreen climber with intensely fragrant, pure white starry flowers, late spring through summer, can also be a groundcover Pb 6.5 12
Tweedia Delightful perennial, heavenly sky blue flowers summer autumn, self seeds Pb 6.5 10
Uncina unciniata rubra Hooked sedge Bronzy-red sedge, tolerates semi shade, does well in wide range of conditions 30 x 30 cm Pb 6.5 12
Veronica ‘Georgie Blue’ Versatile ground cover, green foliage darkening in winter, masses small blue flowers spring summer Pb 6.5 12
Viburnum burkwoodi Evergreen, fragrant white flushed pink in early spring, dark green foliage 1.5m
Viburnum davidii Hardy, compact, wide-spreading mound, attractive leaves large dark green, leathery 75 cm x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Viburnium opulus sterile ‘Snowball tree’ Open, graceful robust plant, purple autumn foliage followed by abundant white, green tinted ‘snowball’ clustered spring blooms 3 x 2m Pb 6.5 12
Viburnum plicatum 'Summer Snowflake' Delightful 'lace-cap' blooms repeated in summer and autumn followed by red berries, best in moist soil , some sun 1.5m to 1.8m Pb 6.5 12
Viburnum plicatum mariesii Beautiful shrub, abundant flowering in spring 2.5 x 2.5m Pb 6.5 12
Viburnum t. 'Eve Price' Carmine pink buds opening to white, prolific flowering Pb 5 12
Viburnum tinus laurustinus Dense, rounded form, dark green glossy leaves, small white flower clusters late autumn through early spring, blue berries summer, good hedging, screen 2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 12
Vitex lucens Puriri Large forest tree, shrubby when young, slowly forming wide canopy, pinkish flowers loved by tuis, clustered pink/red fruit enjoyed by wood-pigeons, grows best in good soil, frost tender when young 20m Pb 6.5 15
D Weigelia florida variegata Attractive deciduous shrub with lime green variegation in new growth turning to cream then orange in autumn, pale pink trumpet flowers 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
D Weigelia 'Newport Red' Old fashioned deciduous shrub, large crimson red trumpet shaped flowers Pb 6.5 12
Westringa brevifolia Australian rosemary Hardy, bushy shrub, mauve flowers through spring, salt spray tolerant, well worked free draining soil 1 x 1m Pb 6.5 12
Cl Wisteria sinensis ‘Caroline’ Vigorous climber, soft lavender-mauve flowers in compact, crowded 20-30 cm racemes spring Pb 6.5 15
Cl Wisteria 'Lavender Lace' Lavender and white flowers Pb 6.5 15
Xeronema callistemon Poor Knights Lily Fans of flax-like leaves giving a tropical effect, stunning red flowers, must have good drainage, grows well in containers, frost tender 80 cm Pb 5 15
Yucca elephantipes Upright, slender, sparsely branched stems Pb 6.5 15

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